About us

With the advent of statehood, primarily as an essential establishment of the state government – Printing & Stationery Office was immediately established in the year 1963 and assigned with assessment of various stationery requirements, its procurement and distribution to all government offices. As printing and stationery is inherently associated with government functioning, the Directorate of Printing & Stationery was mandated by the State Government to print all official documents and also cater stationery requirement of all government establishment. Over the years printing activities have increased in manifold- the main activities being printing of official documents includes; Nagaland Gazette, Budget documents such as- Finance Accounts, Appropriation Accounts, Audit Report, CAG Report, all scheduled  forms, calendars, writing pads and fabrication of digital rubber seals. The department also prints VIP Speeches, Official Invitations cards and associated programs of election related secured papers for municipal elections and Annual Administrative Reports.